Cue that iconic music, imagine the voice of Tony Blackburn saying “Greetings Pop Pickers” and settle down to the Top 10 of the most frequently requested ice creams by lovely guests at weddings and parties we have taken our Ice Cream Tricycle to.

And, as they say, at Number 10 . . . a new entry . . .

10.  Banoffee

A collaborative piece of work combining the talents of, yes you’ve guessed it, bananas and toffee.  A rich banana flavoured ice cream with a popular backing track of rippled creamy butterscotch sauce and toffee pieces.  A hit with young and old alike, it’s fruity but not too sweet for the more delicate of palettes.  Works really well with chocolate and toffee sauce. 

9.  Rum & Raisin

Now enjoyed not only by chaps over the age of 50, modern Rum & Raisin is an ice cream to behold.  Delicious juicy raisins are soaked in glorious Rum and then piled into sumptuously creamy ice cream for a punchy yet subtle flavour.  There’s alcohol in it, but you would have to knock back over 500 before having to take a taxi home!

8.  Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Good old-fashioned chocolate ice cream was plummeting out of the charts as a result of new exotic rivals until this remixed triple A-side came along.  Ideal for serious chocoholics or those just breaking themselves in, Chocolate Fudge Brownie has no less than three different elements to it . . . creamy, melt in the mouth chocolate ice cream, Belgian chocolate chips and delicious fudgy chocolate brownie pieces . . . can it get any better?

7.  White Chocolate & Raspberry

A new mix of the classic raspberry ripple given a lift with the addition of . . . wait for it . . . white chocolate ice cream enriched with fresh raspberries!  Groups of fans gather at airports and scream as this one walks down the steps.  Subtle, smooth and creamy, with that intriguing raspberry piquant, this is a sassy, classy ice cream for any occasion.

6.  Pistachio

Pistachio? Pistachio? Are you nuts?  This soft, delicate ice cream bursting with nibbed pistachio nuts and its signature pale green hue is the exotica of ice creams.  A paparazzi loving socialite with expensive tastes, its appeal is genuinely widespread and it is easily the most requested guilty pleasure.  A real must at any event. 

5.  Cookies & Clotted Cream

This top 5 hit was introduced to us from over the Pond and is an all time great.  Known to some as Cookie Dough, it has an indulgent line up of delicious buttery ice cream mixed with a deep, rich chocolate ripple sauce and packed with cookie dough pieces.  It really is a natural; always fully booked and with no room at the back.

4.  Raspberry Pavlova

Originally an international phenomenon, this New Zealand based dessert was named after the Russian ballet dancer.  It is a mouth-watering mix of tangy raspberry puree, fresh raspberries and light delicate meringue pieces.  Now an undisputed English summer garden classic your guests cannot help but be enthralled.

3.  Clotted Cream Vanilla

And at Number 3 - perhaps to some a surprise entry.  Good old fashioned Clotted Cream Vanilla.  However, there is nothing simple or basic about this timeless classic.  No fancy add-ons, fruity apparel or saucy collaborations, this is just the most indulgent ice cream flavoured with rich vanilla, clotted cream and butter – luxury at its heady best.  It’s so popular, that we take it everywhere we go.

2.  Mint Chocolate Chip

It was always going to be a winning line up – refreshing peppermint, chocolate and ice cream.  The reason for its success?  It was the sound track of our past – ice creams in the park, after school or days out at the seaside.  We grew up with it.  We loved it then and we love it now.  How nice to be reunited once again.

1.  Honeycomb

And at Number One . . . no surprises really . . . the epitome of a modern classic . . . Honeycomb.  It is a slick recording studio piece containing all the talents we like the most.  Delicious toffee flavoured ice cream with light honeycomb bites that sumptuously melt into swirls of loveliness.  Its rich, sweet, creamy, indulgent and has a ubiquitous appeal.  It has been at No. 1 for several years and looks likely to remain there for some time yet.  If this really is a musical analogy, then forget the other 9, forget the collective works of Shakespeare and the novels of Dickens and leave me on the dessert island with an endless supply of Honeycomb Ice Cream.  Happy Days!