We are often asked this question by prospective Brides and Grooms wishing to choose the best time for an Ice Cream Tricycle to come along on their special day.

In our experience we believe there are three principal ideal times when ice cream ‘fits’ ideally into a Wedding Day.

Our Ice Cream. Photograph - Florence Morris
After the Wedding Ceremony

Immediately after the Wedding Ceremony and before the Wedding Breakfast is a perfect time to entertain and treat guests with an Ice Cream service.  There is a natural high moment after the “I Do’s”, and an Ice Cream Tricycle is ideal to get the celebrations under way!  It will entertain, occupy and delight guests whilst the happy couple are having their photographs taken and spending time engaging with everyone present. Guests are often a little peckish at this time too, especially for those who have travelled - breakfast is just a distant memory and a hearty meal still a couple of hours off, so a quality offering of ice creams for all are very welcome.  
As for summer weddings, this time is also the warmest time of day and so it always hits the spot!

Choosing from our Menu! Photograph - Amy B Photography

Dessert Course

Late afternoon to early evening as a dessert course alongside a hog roast, buffet, tea party or bbq is also an ideal time to have an Ice Cream service.  

With a Menu on the day of 10 delicious flavours, an unlimited servings ethos and a complimentary table of treats to personalise each and every ice cream, guests will enjoy a simply wonderful dessert.  

Start your ice cream service 30 minutes after the savoury course to ensure best exposure to serving times.


Photograph - Amy B Photography

An Evening Treat

Warm balmy summer nights, guests requiring refreshment at a disco or band whipping up a dance frenzy or a late served supper are all reasons why having ice cream as an evening treat as the sun sets provides for a memorable feast.  

Ice Cream Tricycles look fabulous lit up with fairy lights too and are the perfect choice to welcome evening guests to the party, making them feel special and showing them that they haven’t missed out on the day’s activities and treats.



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